What lawn mower to buy? The best choice

What lawn mower to buy? The best choice

You’re dealing with this question. Which mower should I buy? Which best weed grinder? We’ll give you a straightforward answer: you should choose the best mower possible.

No, it’s not a question of price, it’s a question of goals, needs and possibilities. When choosing the best lawnmower, you must evaluate the budget you have, the type of use you will give it, whether you want to save resources in the short, medium or long term…

We are not talking about just any decision; these equipments are “must have” to keep your garden healthy and well cared for. And you know how important that is to you.

You will probably feel confused when it comes to your purchase: you will find dozens of types of mowers on the market: professional and semi-professional machines, electric or petrol mowers, self-propelled or hand-operated, of some brands and others, but you must take into account two crucial points in your decision: their reliability and their good value for money.

To help you reach a good port, in this post we are going to give you a few useful tips that will help you choose the best mower.

Types of mowers

One of the most important things to think about when buying your mower is deciding what kind of machinery you need.

If you’ve had a look around your favorite garden equipment store, you’ve probably seen different types of mowers: robotic or non-robotic, hand or self-propelled, tractor, etc. To simplify your choice a little, we’re going to talk about both types of equipment, taking into account their “power source”: petrol lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers.

We will make a brief aside. Although we will simplify your choice, you should keep in mind that there is a world of possibilities in the market to acquire your lawnmower. For example, the latest models with a mulching system, an impressive mechanism that allows you to fertilize your lawn at the same time as you are mowing it (if you would like to see an example of a mulching mower click here).

Buying a petrol mower?

If you are thinking of buying a petrol mower you are thinking of the more classic choice when buying a lawnmower. It is simply a machine with an engine that uses gasoline to operate.

The 3 strong points for buying a petrol mower are as follows:

  • Powerful. There are models of mowers that reach 6.75 hp. This, together with the mechanical traction of the self-propelled models, means that your mower will take care of your garden in record time and with minimum effort.
  • Autonomous and versatile. As there are no cables, you can use your mower even in the most remote corner of your garden.
  • Easy to operate. Nowadays even a basic petrol mower without a built-in self-propulsion system (you push the machine) is easy to handle because manufacturers have incorporated improvements such as cutting height adjustment systems, polypropylene chassis to lighten the weight, etc.

With all these advantages in mind, choose a petrol mower if:

  • You have a medium or large plot, orchard or garden. In this case we would also recommend that you consider a self-propelled petrol mower because it will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • The grass on your plot is very hard, thick or difficult to mow.
  • You work every day with your mower.
  • You don’t have easy access to an electrical outlet, you want to save on your electricity bill or you don’t feel like relying on a rechargeable battery.
  • You’re looking for a professional-grade mower that is durable, rugged and relatively easy to maintain.

Buying an electric lawnmower?

Buying an electric lawnmower is the preferred choice for gardening enthusiasts with a home garden, a well-kept lawn and who are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-maintain lawnmower with excellent value for money.

There are two types of electric lawnmowers: with cables or with a rechargeable battery. Both use electricity to operate, but of course, cordless mowers offer you much more mobility than lawnmowers that have to be plugged into an electrical socket to work.

The 3 strong points for approaching the purchase of an electric mower are as follows:

  • Economical. In our online shop you will find models of great electric lawnmowers for just over 100 euros including VAT and shipping. Don’t believe it? Click here to see an example.
  • Lightweight. As they do not have a petrol engine, electric lawnmowers weigh less. Moreover, nowadays manufacturers offer us models with polypropylene chassis, a very light and also very resistant material.
  • Very handy. Of course, if you choose a self-propelled electric mower, it will be electricity that moves the wheels of the machine, but even the hand-driven models are very easy to move thanks to the low weight of the chassis and the modern and ergonomic design.

Choose an electric lawnmower if:

  • You have a small or medium-sized plot, orchard or garden. If your garden has corners or difficult access areas we would recommend that you choose a mower with a rechargeable battery to avoid tying up the cables.
  • The lawn on your plot is “normal”, neither too thick nor difficult to cut
  • You use the mower sporadically (not daily and intensively).
  • Your garden has electrical outlets, you have easy access to an indoor socket or generator and you don’t mind having to remember to charge your mower’s batteries.
  • You are looking for a semi-professional lawn mower that is lightweight, easy to use by any member of the family, requires no maintenance and allows you to mow your lawn without problems for a very reasonable price.

Which mower to buy?

You already know, shuffle pro and buy and choose the best mower based on these ratings. Don’t get carried away by the price, design or any partial aspect, value everything as a whole; understand that you are looking at a tool that is going to be more efficient or more functional depending on many factors, not by spending more money you are going to buy the best mower possible.
And if you have any doubts, contact us, we want to help you choose your lawnmower. Without obligation, of course. Call us, don’t waste your time.