How to mow with a petrol cutter correctly – expert advice

How to mow with a petrol cutter? It seems that there is nothing difficult in this: you need to start this cutting tool, and then just carefully cut off the grass and weeds with the cutting edge. But, as they say, there are some nuances that will be discussed in this article. Use walk behind string trimmer right way.

So, for example, it is best to mow the grass with movements from right to left. This is due to the fact that the cutting edge of the trimmer rotates counterclockwise, which means that the grass will fall on the already cut.

But hay is best mowed with an eight-toothed knife, since a cutting tool with fewer teeth during mowing produces too many small scraps, due to which the quality of harvested animal feed is significantly deteriorated.

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How to mow grass with a petrol cutter: technique and features of mowing work

So, let’s take a closer look at how to mow the grass with a petrol cutter.

We have already said that the movement of the brushcutter should be performed from right to left, then the grass will fall on the already mowed surface. But there are other nuances of working with a trimmer:

  1. Mowing tall grass or cutting weeds with tough stems should be done in double strokes: from right to left, you cut the top of the grass, and in the opposite direction from left to right, you cut the bottom of the stem. When mowing tall grass using this technology, you will leave all the mown green mass on your left side.
  2. The rules for mowing large areas recommend performing this operation in a square manner. By dividing the area into squares, you begin to move from the outside towards the center.
  3. Mowing grass on slopes is done as follows. Start mowing at the bottom of the slope, swath parallel to the slope, climb up a little and make the next swath, etc. With this technology, all the cut grass will fall down into the already cut area.
  4. Mowing the grass around obstacles, bushes and trees is carried out, taking the protection of the petrol cutter as a guide. The tool is guided around a bush or tree trunk, while the operator gradually moves around an obstacle.
  5. Lawn grass should be mowed with a brushcutter equipped with only high-quality cutting tools. Otherwise, a large number of small blades of grass will not be mowed, but uprooted, due to which the lawn will quickly lose its perfectly well-groomed appearance.

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How to mow with a brushcutter and safety

How to mow with a brushcutter correctly?

  1. When working with a petrol trimmer, you should unload your hands as much as possible, for which all movements with a petrol trimmer should be performed with the body.
  2. When working with a brushcutter, you should move with a short – “duck” – step.
  3. Keep the cutting tool at the same distance from the ground.
  4. The thicker the grass or growth you are cutting, the more power the engine should run.
  5. To reduce the load on the brushcutter, you can try the following operating mode: driving to the right – the engine is running at full power, moving to the left – the gas is released.

The safety rules when working with a mechanical trimmer are as follows:

  1. Any actions other than mowing (checking the fullness of the gas tank, lubricating, replacing parts, visual inspection of mechanisms) should be performed only with the device turned off.
  2. When mowing tall grass with a line trimmer, cut the top of the grass first and then the bottom. This will prevent the stalks of grass from wrapping around the line.
  3. It is forbidden to use petrol cutters with rusted cutting discs. Therefore, trimmers should only be stored in dry rooms.
  4. Do not use the trimmer immediately after rain or lubrication. You need to wait 30-45 minutes.
  5. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the requirements of the instructions, which indicate the purpose of each specific cutting blade.
  6. It is forbidden to sharpen the cutting tools on your own, as this can disturb the alignment of the discs, which will sharply increase the vibration loads of the brushcutter.

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How to mow with a brush cutter with disc and line? We will advise

The rules for working with a petrol cutter also depend on what kind of cutting tool it is equipped with.

  1. Gas cutter with a cutting disc.
  2. Grass and weeds with a tough stem follow with a benzo-mowing disc , you can even mow bushes and even young trees;
  3. In principle, disc petrol saws can also be used for mowing lawns, but in this case, the number of cutting knives for discs should be more than four;
  4. The diameter of the cutting disc should be selected depending on the diameter of the stems of the growth you intend to mow. The thicker the stems, the larger the disc diameter;
  5. But at the same time, the disc diameter must be within the technical and operational requirements of the gasoline spit. Otherwise, this will lead to extremely unpleasant consequences for the petrol cutter mechanism;
  6. It is best to use soldered cutting discs for cutting bushes and young growth of trees.
  7. Gas cutter with fishing line.
  8. The coil must be 10 cm above the ground;
  9. When cutting grass, the brushcutter should be guided in the direction in which the reel rotates;
  10. Lawns, as well as grass near walls or other obstacles, are best mowed with the ends of a fishing line;
  11. To avoid overloading the petrol trimmer engine, take a break every quarter-hour or so.

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